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February 17, 2016 / Press Releases

NARAL: Killer Mike’s comments inappropriate and sexist; Sanders should denounce them immediately

February 17, 2016

Statement by Joel Foster, National Political Director, NARAL Pro-Choice America:

“The comments by prominent Bernie Sanders’ surrogate Killer Mike at a rally in Atlanta last night were inappropriate and sexist. Senator Sanders should honor his campaign pledge to run a positive campaign and denounce these offensive comments immediately. Throughout Secretary Clinton’s historic career as First Lady, United States Senator, and Secretary of State she has faced overt and institutional sexism that is all too common for women seeking political office in this country. While we’re not surprised to see sexism rear its ugly head in this race, we’re disappointed that it is coming from progressive activists and supporters of a candidate for the Democratic nomination. As a country, and certainly as a party, we must be better than this. That is why it is incumbent on Senator Sanders to immediately and forcibly speak out on these comments.”


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