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March 17, 2016 / Press Releases

VIDEO: NARAL launches new general election effort focused on records of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on women and abortion access

March 17, 2016

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Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America launched a new campaign to highlight the tremendous strength Hillary Clinton brings to the general election on reproductive freedom and the enthusiasm NARAL member activists have for her candidacy going into the general election, especially in the face of Donald Trump’s inevitable position as the GOP nominee. As the nation’s leading abortion rights advocacy organization, NARAL Pro-Choice America will highlight the incredible differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on reproductive freedom and women’s rights. See Fusion’s write-up of the new campaign here.

The campaign, which extends from NARAL’s Republican primary campaign #OwnIt, will shine a spotlight on the presumptive GOP nominee’s dangerous record and rhetoric on reproductive freedom, while hailing what we already know about Hillary Clinton: that she is the leader women need to secure and expand their right to control their own destinies.

As the first part of the campaign, NARAL is lifting up their member activists’ voices in a new video as they share why they stand with Hillary Clinton. The video focuses on the millennial women of NARAL who have been working day in and day in support of Hillary Clinton and reproductive freedom for over a year in states across the country.

NARAL is also officially launching a site today where millennial women and the people who love them can share photos including their own reasons for why #ImWithHer on reproductive freedom.

To view the video click here.

To view the site click here.

Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, released the following statement on the organization’s new effort:

“The two inevitable presidential candidates in 2016 share one thing in common: they both focus on women in ways no one else in their primaries do. No one has shown as much leadership as Hillary Clinton on challenges too often written off as ‘women’s issues.’ That’s why NARAL members have mobilized and organized voters in key states like Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, and South Carolina to show support for her. And they’re excited. They’re excited because they know that at every stage of her career, Hillary has established innovative programs to help women facing challenging circumstances, whether they be rape victims in the Deep South, low-income new mothers, or women’s rights advocates in developing countries. She understands that if women and girls cannot control when and how we grow our families, everything else we aspire to from education, to healthy parenting, to economic stability, to professional achievement moves further out of reach. She is a champion for all, and especially for women.

“Donald Trump on the other hand feels no compunction in vocalizing his disgust for women in no uncertain terms. The way he and his campaign have targeted and victimized women is abhorrent and women of both parties won’t stand for it. Donald Trump would shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood, sign an unconstitutional abortion ban, and he belittles women facing life threatening situations who need an abortion. He refers to women as ‘dogs’, ‘bimbos’, ‘fat pigs’, and says you ‘have to treat them like sh*t.’ His campaign manager allegedly abused a female journalist for asking questions at a recent campaign event. His counsel doesn’t consider marital rape to be rape.

“We’re proud to help Donald Trump own his misogynistic record and rhetoric, and support Hillary Clinton because of her tremendous support for policies that help women get ahead. On abortion access and reproductive freedom, the choice couldn’t be more clear.”


Everyone should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family.

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