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June 2, 2016 / Press Releases

NARAL applauds Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper for signing law protecting pregnant workers

June 2, 2016

NARAL Pro-Choice America applauded Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper for signing HB 1438, a law guaranteeing pregnant Coloradans reasonable accommodations in the workplace such as bathroom breaks, access to bottled water, and the option to sit instead of stand. The bill also protects pregnant job applicants, who are often forced to hide or lie about their pregnancy for fear of missed job opportunities. Hundreds of NARAL members in Colorado took action to contact Gov. Hickenlooper to support this legislation, and more than 1,000 signed a petition urging him to stand up for pregnant Coloradans.

“Colorado is moving the needle when it comes to proactive policies that support women and families. This commonsense legislation is long overdue and gives working people in Colorado the protections they need,” said Sasha Bruce, senior vice president for campaigns and strategy at NARAL Pro-Choice America. “By signing this law, Gov. Hickenlooper is continuing his record as a pro-choice leader devoted to policies that benefit women wherever they are in their reproductive lives, whether that means choosing to have children or choosing not to have children. This bill means that Colorado women won’t have to choose between having a family and keeping their job.”

“Our mission is advocating for reproductive justice and ensuring every woman has the right and the ability make her own health care choices,” said Karen Middleton, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado. “And when women do choose to have children, workplaces should respect that choice, not discriminate, and accommodate their needs on the job.”

Under current Colorado law, employers are only required to provide accommodations for pregnant workers if they are disabled.


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