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September 25, 2016 / Press Releases

NARAL launches new push to help flip control of legislatures in five battleground states

September 25, 2016

As Part of New Effort to Flip Key State Legislatures, NARAL Endorses Pro-Choice Leaders in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington

As part of new strategic investments to build pro-choice power in key states across the country, NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC announced its endorsement of state legislative candidates in key battleground states. The move, first reported by Politico, includes endorsements and investments in state legislative races in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington. Each of the endorsed candidates are dedicated to protecting and advancing women’s reproductive freedom, including expanding access to abortion and other basic health care. The endorsements come as part of a coordinated strategy to layer paid advertising, mail, and field investments in state legislative districts that may be nested within competitive US House, US Senate, and presidential battleground races.

“State legislatures are on the front lines in the fight for reproductive freedom so NARAL’s strategic investments in key states will help to build long-term power for the reproductive freedom movement,” said Joel Foster, national political director of NARAL Pro-Choice America. “Organizing political power at the state level is crucial to expanding access to abortion and protecting the reproductive freedom of all Americans. With seven-in-10 Americans supporting access to safe, legal abortion, NARAL is mobilizing voters in states across the country to ensure that the leaders we elect share the priorities of hardworking families.”

As part of NARAL’s efforts to turn out pro-choice voters in key battleground states, NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC today announced the following endorsements:


  • May, Jenise (SD-25)
  • Kagan, Daniel (SD-26)
  • Duran, Crisanta (HD-05)
  • Buckner, Janet (HD-40)



  • Boulton, Nate (SD-16)
  • Petersen, Janet (SD-18)
  • Gronstal, Michael SD-08)
  • Hunter, Bruce (HD-34)
  • Anderson, Marti (HD-36)
  • Matson, Heather (HD-38)
  • Oldson, Jo (HD-41)
  • Celsi, Claire (HD-42)
  • Konfrst, Jennifer (HD-43)
  • Wessel-Kroeschell, Beth (HD-45)
  • Steckman, Sharon (HD-53)
  • Running-Marquardt, Kirsten (HD-69)
  • Smith, Mark (HD-71)
  • Lensing, Vicki (HD-85)



  • Lourey, Tony (SD-8)
  • Clausen, Greg (SD-36)
  • Hoffman, John (SD-57)
  • Pryor, Laurie (HD-48A)
  • Port, Lindsay (HD-56B)
  • Maye-Quade, Erin (HD-57A)
  • Murphy, Erin (HD-64A)



  • Spearman, Pat (SD-01)
  • Woodhouse, Joyce (SD-05)
  • Cannizzaro, Nicole (SD-06)
  • Ford, Aaron (SD-11)
  • Reese, Devon (SD-15)
  • Marks, Alexander (SD-18)
  • Piro, John (AD-04)
  • Frierson, Jason (AD-08)
  • Carlton, Maggie (AD-14)
  • Fumo, Ozzie (AD-21)
  • Joiner, Amber (AD-24)
  • Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon (AD-34)



  • Peloquin, Marisa (SD-28)
  • Wellman, Lisa (SD-41)
  • Purcell, Teresa (HD-19)
  • Reeves, Kristine (HD-30)


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