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September 29, 2016 / Press Releases

Following debate, new NARAL ad campaign ties Republican Senate candidates to Trump

September 29, 2016

Campaign Will Target Heck (NV), Toomey (PA) and Ayotte (NH) And Tie Them To Trump

Following a debate in which Donald Trump’s sexist behavior and policies were on full display, NARAL Pro-Choice America today announced it is launching a new ad campaign in New Hampshire, Nevada and Pennsylvania tying the Senate candidates in those states to Trump.

The first wave of digital ads, which NARAL is investing more than $300,000 in, will follow persuadable voters who care about abortion around the internet until election day.

You can see the ads here:

Ad: https://youtu.be/JeZc9vTr-HY
Website: http://reckless.prochoiceamerica.org/toomey

Ad: https://youtu.be/sp1YRLXNg_Y
Website: http://reckless.prochoiceamerica.org/heck

Ad: https://youtu.be/id6uaZV13Cg
Website: http://reckless.prochoiceamerica.org/ayotte

“Republicans are trying to run from Donald Trump as fast as humanly possible,” said Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President of Campaigns and Strategy for NARAL. “While they may use different words than Trump, they are advocating for the exact same policies. They want to take away our rights and turn back the clock on decades worth of progress. They want to ban abortion, restrict access to contraception and fight against equal pay. This is their shared agenda. For women and families it is dangerous, reckless and scary.”

NARAL is targeting persuadable voters in the states based off a new voter model that uses polling that shows that 7 in 10 voters believe abortion should be legal. By using this new model and polling data, the ads will be highly targeted towards persuasion voters and will be seen by them at a high penetration rate between now and Election Day.


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