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October 4, 2016 / Press Releases

NARAL endorses top pro-choice champions in Congress

October 4, 2016

Nation’s Leading Pro-Choice Advocacy Group Endorses Leaders in the Fight to Defend Our Reproductive Rights in Congress

The nation’s leading pro-choice advocacy group today endorsed a slate of Congressional leaders who have been champions in the fight for our reproductive freedom. NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC announced its endorsement of Reps. Barbara Lee (CA-13), Judy Chu (CA-27), Rosa DeLauro (CT-03), Alma Adams (NC-12), Nita Lowey (NY-17), and Louise Slaughter (NY-25). Each of these representatives has not only worked to expand access to basic reproductive healthcare, but has been on the front lines of defending abortion access against increasing attack by anti-choice Republicans in Congress.

“As our country confronts a crisis in abortion access, NARAL is proud to endorse these champions for choice as they fight for our reproductive freedom in Congress,” said Ilyse Hogue, NARAL Pro-Choice America president. “With basic reproductive healthcare, including abortion, under increasing attack by the Republican Congress, these leaders have repeatedly answered the call to defend Americans’ constitutional right to access abortion. They’ve stood up to dozens of GOP attempts to limit our health options, defund Planned Parenthood, and charge women more for birth control. These leaders have also fought to expand access to abortion by supporting the EACH Woman Act to overturn the discriminatory Hyde Amendment which disproportionately affects abortion access for women of color. Unlike anti-choice GOP politicians, these pro-choice leaders are true champions who will not only protect our reproductive freedom but fight to advance it. This is the most consequential election for reproductive freedom that we’ve seen in decades and we need proven leaders who will always put the needs of women and families first. That’s why we are proud to stand with these champions for choice in their campaigns for Congress.”

The pro-choice champions endorsed today face an extreme, anti-choice Republican majority in Congress that is dedicated to banning abortion and rolling back our reproductive freedom. Anti-choice Republicans in Congress have voted to ban abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy, restrict women’s ability to access contraception, and have repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

For their steadfast commitment to defend women’s healthcare from partisan smears and infringement, NARAL previously endorsed every Democrat who sits on the Republican-led panel attacking Planned Parenthood.


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