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March 21, 2017 / Press Releases

SCOTUS: New Ads From Progressive Groups Urge Senate Democrats to Filibuster Gorsuch

March 21, 2017

The People’s Defense, a coalition of the largest grassroots organizations on the left led by NARAL Pro-Choice America is escalating its campaign to urge Senate Democrats to filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch by rolling out a six-figure digital ad campaign demanding Democratic Senators block Trump’s pick from getting a lifetime appointment. The ads are scheduled to run during today’s hearing in order to continue putting pressure on senators.

Said Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America: “Neil Gorsuch’s nomination is a top concern for tens of millions of Americans. After the opening of the hearings today, Senate Democrats should be clear that those Americans are depending on them not just to oppose Neil Gorsuch and the danger he poses, but also to filibuster his nomination. Despite appearances, Judge Gorsuch is not a mainstream nominee.  He is more conservative than Justice Scalia and throughout his career has failed to protect everyday Americans’ constitutional rights in favor of propping up corporations and special interests. If his nomination clears the Senate, Judge Gorsuch will be in a position to cement Donald Trump’s dangerous and reckless policies in place for generations to come.”

The ads follow a call to action yesterday by NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn.org Civic Action, Daily Kos, CREDO Ultraviolet and PCCC in which they emailed their millions of members with the same message. Last week, the People’s Defense was joined by Senators Warren, Merkley, and Markey at an event to deliver one million petition signatures to all 100 senators, calling on them to oppose Gorsuch.

An example of the ad can be found here.

“The People’s Defense” is a massive grassroots campaign with actions planned in all 50 states to defeat Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Joining the campaign, which has been organized by NARAL Pro-Choice America, are Indivisible, American Federation of Teachers, Center for American Progress Action Fund, CREDO Action, End Citizens United, EveryVoice, MoveOn.org Civic Action, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Service Employees International Union, and Stand Up America.


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